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The World’s Best Beer

This is an age-old question: “What is the best beer in the world?”  There is no simple answer.  It is a matter of taste to each person.  One beer might appeal to someone’s pallet while to another person it tastes like dirt.  Different strokes for different folks.  To me, the best beer in the world is none other than Newcastle.  Newcastle is a beer from the United Kingdom.  This beer is absolutely delicious and tastes like candy.   I could drink these literally all day and night and never grow old of their smooth taste.  One of my other friends’ favorite beer is Stella.  Stella is an Italian beer that has been around since the 1340’s.   While it is pretty dang good, it fails in comparison to Newcastle.  Another fantastic beer that is of a local variety is called Scotch Rocket.  It is brewed in a small brewery in Huntsville, AL called the Rocket Republic.  Now it is up to you to decide your favorite beer!